Spam Filtering

Spam filters are essential on all computers due to the distracting epidemic of unsolicited messages, many of which contain viruses or other malware.

What is Spam Filtering?

Spam Filtering is the process of screening incoming email through specialized software to detect unsolicited/unwanted messages, malicious viruses, and computer generated/robotic mail from getting into a user’s inbox. The email messages are checked for specified criteria, such as particular words in the subject line of the message or particular suspicious phrases found in the content. If suspicious messages are detected, they are isolated and placed into a “spam” folder for the user to check in a secure environment and recover if the message not spam.

Opened viruses cause havoc to computers and networks as they embed code and download unwanted spyware and an assortment of potentially destructive code to systems. Spam filters protect users by blocking and isolating messages, alleviating daily threats. In addition to the security benefits of Spam Filtering, it will dramatically reduce inbox clutter, making your team more productive.

NexusTek’s spam filtering services keep you productive and reduce risk

Our Cloud Email Defense service blocks spam and e-mail attacks before they get to your inbox. You receive a comprehensive report, as often as daily, identifying every blocked email and the reason why it was filtered. You always have total control to release blocked messages, “whitelist” senders, and blacklist senders not automatically blocked. The system will always sanitize messages to remove viruses and known malware.

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