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Value-Added Reseller Services

Companies run on technology. Computer hardware, software, desktop PCs, laptops, and servers comprise a critical role in a business’ day to day operations. Their speed, capabilities, and security keep an organization moving forward in a competitive market. Aging hardware and outdated software can impact a company’s productivity, business continuity, customer experience, and, ultimately, its bottom line.

As a value-added reseller, NexusTek makes IT equipment procurement simple for your company. Our IT experts work with your organization to identify what hardware and software your employees need to accomplish business goals. We then research the best options for you and confirm their compatibility and availability. If a particular IT asset cannot be sourced in adequate time, we find creative alternatives to ensure your company has the technology it needs. We negotiate large orders with manufacturers, resulting in more money and more time for your business.

With brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Asus, and many more available, NexusTek can help you find the hardware and software you need to run your business.

Working with multiple vendors, searching for available items, identifying promotions and discounts, and managing orders can be a time-consuming and daunting task for businesses. Save time, money, and frustration with NexusTek as your value-added reseller. With decades of experience and connections across the industry, we can help your company acquire the latest technologies to support your employees and advance your business goals.

When you procure your IT hardware and software through NexusTek, you benefit from:

Passionate Customer Service

We are a service company, not a technology company. We listen to your needs and goals and then utilize our industry knowledge to find the best technology that is right for your business.

Easy Buying and Implementation Process

Our Solution Architects research the best options for you, validate compatibility, and ensure all necessary accompaniments are included.

Cost Savings

We stay up-to-date on promotions offered by manufacturers and negotiate large orders with manufacturers, and pass on those savings to you.

Order Management

We are your single point of contact from quoting, ship tracking, receipt, setup, returns, and ongoing asset and renewal tracking.

Single Source for IT Equipment Needs

We have partnerships with industry leading IT manufacturers and are your “one stop shop” for your hardware and software needs.

Expert Support and Maintenance

As an award-winning managed service provider, our certified engineers can also offer implementation services and 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure so it stays healthy longer.

Not sure what hardware to upgrade when? We’ve got you covered.

Desktops & Laptops



Routers & Switches

On-Prem Phone Systems


We work with best-in-class technology partners.

Procure top-of-the-line hardware and software with NexusTek.


A value-added reseller (VAR) is a company that has enhanced another company’s products with additional features or services. Rather than spending countless hours researching, reviewing, negotiating, and tracking, your business can outsource its procurement needs to a VAR for a simplified, expedited process.

A VAR has the industry knowledge and expertise to identify what computer components, servers, laptops, PCs, and more will enhance your business operations and help accomplish your goals. A VAR often has connections with technology providers, gaining access to special deals and promotions and putting more money back in your pocket.

As a value-added reseller with decades of experience, NexusTek has the expertise and connections to help your business get the best deals for the best products available. Our IT experts can also help implement and maintain your new equipment to ensure optimal performance.

Upgrading computer hardware, software, desktop PCs, laptops, and servers in a timely fashion improves the performance of your company’s IT assets, keeping pace with ever-changing technology standards.

The benefits of upgrading hardware include:

  • Faster processing speed
  • More powerful computing
  • Improved features and applications
  • Increased storage for data
  • Real-time data monitoring and analysis
  • Built-in sensors for predictive diagnostics
  • Latest firmware and patching
  • Meets new security requirements

The benefits of upgrading software include:

  • Up-to-date security features
  • Less issues and reduced downtime
  • Enhanced features and capabilities
  • Competitive advantages
  • Increased speed and agility
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved collaboration
  • Reduced maintenance cost

Not only does upgrading hardware and software improve the technical efficiency of your business, but it also improves the productivity and collaboration capabilities of your employees.

The benefits of empowering your employees through upgraded hardware and software:

  • Increased collaboration
  • Improved employee productivity
  • More agile workforce
  • Enable work from anywhere
  • Improved data analysis and computing
  • Store more valuable data
  • Faster decision making
  • Enhanced customer experience

Let NexusTek help you empower your employees with fresh hardware and software today.

With decades of experience in technology and a wide network of distribution centers and technology vendors, NexusTek sourcing experts work with our engineers to design the best architecture for your business’ specific needs.

NexusTek improves the hardware and software procurement process for your business in the following ways:

Easy Buying and Implementation Process

  • You benefit from an end-to-end procurement team, providing you peace of mind and simplicity.
  • We build your order directly into our technical implementation plans, so that everything is planned out ahead of time and accounted for.
  • We can integrate into your employee onboarding workflows.

Order Management

  • We source based on availability and quickest to ship.
  • We will manage RMAs on your behalf, including unmounting, packing, and shipping.
  • We verify packaged contents match order.
  • We inventory purchases in a reportable database.
  • We track licenses, maintenance, warranty, and support renewals.

Cost Savings

  • We negotiate large orders with manufacturers, and pass on those savings to you.
  • We stay up-to-date on promotions offered by manufacturers and share the benefit of the knowledge and savings with you.

Single Source for your IT Needs

  • Access to our IT consultants to help you with your IT needs.
  • Simplify your accounting and reporting, with a single vendor for everything IT.

Expert Support and Maintenance

  • We offer end-to-end IT management with a comprehensive portfolio comprised of end-user services, cloud, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and IT consulting.

NexusTek researches, negotiates, and orders computer components, PCs, laptops, servers, software, and more on behalf of your business, and also can support the implementation and maintenance of your IT equipment. As an award-winning managed service provider, NexusTek protects the security and prolongs the lifespan of your IT assets for a healthy infrastructure with optimal performance.

Up-to-date, healthy IT equipment is critical for a solid infrastructure that supports advanced technologies, business operations, and the customer experience. Unfortunately, 53% of small businesses experience unplanned downtime due to software failure, and hardware failure is responsible for another 38%, reports TechRepublic; companies with unplanned downtime experienced business disruption (29%), decreased productivity (21%), revenue loss (17%), and negative reputation impacts (16%). 80% of businesses say digital tools will decrease downtime, according to a Vanson Bourne study, and 60% believe digital transformation is their #1 action.

And with Dell’s BIOS Security report disclosing that 63% of businesses experience a security breach from hardware vulnerabilities, it is in your company’s best interest to prioritize upgrading aging equipment for newer, more reliable products with the latest firmware and patching that meet the most recent security requirements.

Jumpstart or accelerate your digital transformation journey by procuring the latest software and hardware, whether laptop, desktop, or server, to increase uptime and productivity, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

While 36% of small businesses use PCs that are older than four years, reports TechAisle, it is a risky business. Working with aging computers can be like climbing uphill. According to a Microsoft study, older computers are more than twice as likely to experience issues like network connectivity problems or disk drive crashes that can lose valuable data.

The slower processing speeds and less powerful computing can bring productivity to a crawl, resulting in reduced ROI. A survey found that U.S. businesses lose up to $1.8 billion each year in wasted productivity due to obsolete technology.

Using outdated technology may also cost your company its customer loyalty as over 90% of people say it would cause them to consider taking their business elsewhere due to concerns over security, privacy, or user-friendly convenience. And they have a right to be concerned.

If you want to upgrade to the latest operating systems and software patches (which you should for security purposes alone), there may not be enough space in a 3+ year-old laptop’s already outdated storage capacity. Old computers or servers could malfunction or crash at unpredictable moments and causing unplanned downtime that can cost $5,600 per minute, while an hour can cost $140,000 to $540,000, reports Gartner. Eventually, repairing and maintaining a 3-year-old PC can cost 1.3x more than a PC less than 3 years old, finds a TechAisle study.

Not only is the aging laptop or PC decreasing your business’ bandwidth, but it is also making it more vulnerable to malicious cyberattacks. Such security breaches can be quite costly; in fact, an IBM study revealed the average cost of a data breach totals $3.86 million, and that does not even include the non-compliance fines.

Rather than be blindsided with unplanned and costly downtime at an inconvenient moment, refresh your PCs, laptops, and computer components in a timely fashion so that your business can plan and budget accordingly without unexpected capital expenditure costs.

By year three, the performance of an IT asset declines by 22%; by year four, according to IDC, it declines 33% and 59% by year seven. While the gradual decline may seem subtle, your company’s technology performance, and ultimately, its productivity could have serious consequences against your competitors.

According to an IDC report, an organization can lose up to 39% peak performance, 40% in application management costs, and 148% in server administration costs if it neglects to upgrade its server infrastructure in a timely fashion; the average server downtime is 2.6 hours in the first three years but increases to 5 hours after five years. The cost of maintaining a server increases 148% by its fifth year and 300% by its seventh.

Hardware refresh is crucial to a healthy IT infrastructure and allows users to simultaneously run 30% more apps on the same device, finds IDC. New servers also allow for more virtual machines, which can support the anywhere operations necessary to empower remote employees in today’s hybrid workforce.

Stay ahead of the competition with a fresh server with the latest computing power, capacity, and security so that your business never slows in today’s digital markets.

While any time of the year is the perfect time to purchase more storage or refresh old laptops, desktop PCs, workstations, monitors, printers, servers, security hardware, and many other hardware items, the end of the year is a popular purchasing time. Technology manufacturers anticipate an increase in end-of-year spending on IT hardware for businesses, and they will often run special financing and discount promotions to help you improve your IT infrastructure.

Replacing or upgrading computer components, PCs, laptops, servers, and software can lead to increased security, improved productivity, and maintenance cost savings, as well as tax incentives. The U.S. federal government offers tax deductions for small-to-midsized businesses to upgrade their hardware and software. *Section 179 of the United States IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during the tax year. Section 179 has a deduction limit of $1 million and a spending cap of $2.5 million.

*NexusTek does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. The shared tax information on this webpage is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for tax, legal, or accounting advice. Check with your tax accountant for tax, legal, and accounting questions and to determine your eligibility for Section 179.

Empower your business with the best technology today.