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Reclaim the Keys to Your O365 Kingdom with This Security Assessment

Reclaim the Keys to Your O365 Kingdom with This Security Assessment

Cyber attacks can happen to any business, anywhere, at any time. Yet, despite the growing risk of an attack shutting down your network, only 1.7% of organizations with Office 365 have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled for their global administrators.  Essentially, the keys to some of your most vital data is now compromised. Needless to say, this makes IT professionals cringe.

Those same IT professionals know that hackers are smart and getting smarter.  To answer the call of this trend, we are now offering a new Microsoft 365 Security Assessment that analyzes your environments and provides actionable security insights to provide the protections you need for your Office 365 tenant.

The Importance of Securing Admin Rights

If an employee has admin rights to your O365 environment, they can:

  • Change any O365 setting they want
  • Get access to anyone’s O365 data. This includes files stored in Microsoft Teams, Onedrive, SharePoint, IM conversations and emails

Why should you care? Every company has information they need to protect.  Some companies have intellectual property or data that requires safeguarding due to regulations and compliance requirements. If the integrity of that data is compromised, it can hurt your brand’s reputation and present significant legal implications for your business.

From a security standpoint, you’re more likely to have data compromised by employees within your company rather than hackers. At the end of the day, admins are human – meaning they make mistakes. These mistakes can lead to data being accidentally deleted, or backups not being setup correctly. This puts your business and data at risk.

Assigning Admin Rights

There should only be a few users setup with separate accounts that have administrative permissions, and these accounts should only be used when administering the systems. This will prevent users from making changes accidentally. Their usernames and passwords should be well documented and you, as a business owner, should always have access to this information.  Username and passwords should NEVER be emailed. There are a few best practices, both digitally and physically, when storing credentials of this level of sensitivity. We recommend speaking with your dedicated NexusTek Account Manager to ensure you know these best practices.

What Your Security Assessment Might Uncover

The goal of this specific cyber security assessment is to evaluate your security posture and providing the best solution strategy to keep your business secure. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to protecting your assets. Your Microsoft 365 Security Assessment implemented by NexusTek includes:

  • 60+ recommendations for securing your Office 365
  • 10-points of inspection across Window’s EDR, AV, Updates and more

Don’t trade productivity needs for cyber security. Our assessment will reveal ways in which you can better balance the two with guidance on successful implementation of O365 security features.

Securing your environment is a critical part of moving your data to the cloud. Our team of experts will lead you through the process of identifying key elements to better secure your O365 and leverage a set of clear, proven processes, and recommendations.

When the average cost of a cyber attack for a small business is $120,000, why do only 1.7% of SMB owners say they have capital set aside to deal with remediation? A modern cyber security strategy is critical to your organization’s long-term success – and it starts with the right assessment.