Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a multi-part integrated business software solution. It streamlines enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), and other business operations. Combining processes into one platform results in fast, efficient data handling and decision making that powers your business growth in Boston.

Outsourcing IT Services

When businesses don’t have the time and money to develop a highly-skilled in-house IT department, they often turn to outsourcing as the solution. An experienced IT service and consulting company, like NexusTek in Boston, provides existing infrastructure, knowledge, and operations. The result is saved time and cost in analysis, solutions development, and implementation. Instead of spending your business’s time and money on a steep IT learning curve, harness the expertise and experience of an IT consulting service.

Our Services In Boston:

We provide business technical solutions based around the Microsoft Dynamics platform, offering consulting and service management for accounting (ERP), financials, CRM, and other aspects of business IT including:

  • Requirements analysis
  • System design
  • Implementation
  • Data migration
  • Upgrades, support, and training

Our team offers world-class services that will develop and implement comprehensive data management for better business intelligence in your business’:

  • Sales
  • Financials
  • Marketing
  • and other areas

We have helped many small and medium business implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, increasing data efficiency in all aspects of their business and helping drive growth to the next stage.

Microsoft for Business – Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers multiple tools integrated into one platform to provide clear, fast, manageable data for more intelligent business decisions. Sales, service, finances, operations, talent, and marketing tools connect and enhance inter-department functionality and streamline processes. The result is higher information flow between business operations and more effective processes. Contact us today to talk about your business’s needs and how our expertise and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can grow your business.

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